MDM (Master Data Management) makes it work!

A common issue in the IT landscape: applications are added, changed, replaced and embedded in a company’s blueprint, without the proper alignment of the core data model. And, surprise, in the day to day operational process, something does not work as expected, pointing towards ‘data issues’ as a root cause.

Typically the actual cause it that there was no alignment between the various application and process owners on the actual requirements, who was to provide what part of the data and in what shape it should have been made available.

In order for the IT landscape to fulfill the expectations, it needs to be perfectly clear what the company’s data (customer) requirements are, what data is originating from what source, what the standards are that this data needs to adhere to, how it is initially stored and processed and by whom. Only after this initial assessment the interface landscape and the data properties can be validated and made to become fit for purpose.

The discipline of MDM (Master Data Management) and MDG (Master Data Governance) can help you to get a grip on your data management process, to eventually get the required data in, first time right, and available where needed.

Depending on the type of issue you experience (company culture, business process, system or application landscape), the best approach should be selected for getting your master data processes in order.

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